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Performance is a Non-Destructive Testing firm, that specializes in the inspection of new construction pipelines and related facilities and on going maintenance on existing Oil & Gas infrastructure.

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Our Vision.


Our Vision at Performance NDT Services is to set the standard for unparalleled service and expertise in the Non-Destructive Testing field and to ensure that our community, clients and co-workers go home safe and can rest easy knowing that qualified and certified technicians are inspecting the infrastructure that supplies Americans energy needs


Company Profile.

Performance NDT Services is a locally owned Non-Destructive testing firm based out of Williston, ND.  Corey LaPoint opened Performance NDT Services, LLC  because he believes in safety and integrity and ensuring that Americas infrastructure is inspected by highly trained and qualified inspectors. Performance is setting the standard for safety, quality and performance. Performance is more than production, we believe in performance in everything we do. "Safety first and quality always"   is the saying, we live by!

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